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About MainFrameDirect

Mainframe Direct joined the Tildenet Group in 2014. Tildenet have an established history of working with many of the leading distributors and institutions the world over. The dedicated research & development department continue to develop the product range and their applications in order to meet the growing market demands. Tildenet manufacture and supply products across a number of market sectors and is split into 4 trade divisions: Gardenware, Horticulture, Sport and Industrial.

The Mainframe System

Mainframe is a strong and simple modular frame system enabling the construction of fruit cages, vegetable protection, pond covers, plant supports, pet or chicken runs and much more.

We provide our customers with everything they need to create their own fruit and vegetable cages including a selection of aluminium tubes, all corner joints and fittings, fruit cage doors and a selection of netting to suit a number of requirements.

Due to the modular nature and simplicity of the products, the options are endless - let your imagination run free. Customers have contacted us to let us know that they've created a whole host of different support systems going beyond a standard fruit cage. We love to hear about what our customers are doing so please do get in touch.

The aluminium tubing can be connected together in virtually any configuration and can easily be cut to a required size with a hack saw. The Mainframe range of UV stabilised polypropylene connectors is designed to provide a snug fit into our tubes. This gives rigidity to our frames allowing them to withstand most things the British climate can throw at them.

Customers can chose from a number of pre-selected packages which include everything you need to get started, or alternatively, all components are available separately for those who like to ‘do it themselves’ or have particular bespoke needs.

The aluminium poles are the strongest they can be whilst maintaining an unobtrusive appearance. Thanks to the modular design, Mainframe components can be used for a variety of uses: the same garden cloche in winter could become a pet run in summer by simply changing the cover materials.

Advantages of the Mainframe system

  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong, lightwieght and durable
  • Versatile
  • Can be dismantled for compact storage
  • Weatherproof - rust and rot proof
  • A system that can be added to – simple buy the relevant connectors and tubes to increase and adapt your frame
  • All year round applications

Designing your own frame
The modular design of Mainframe means it's simple to design your own frame to suit your needs. All frames are based on a square "cell" structure. For example, some of the sizes a 2 cell frame can make are 6ft x 8ft, 6ft x 12ft or 4ft x 16ft. Just alter the size of the poles to get different overall frame sizes. 8ft poles are not recommended as horizontals on walk-in fruit cages.

Once you know how many cells you need, calculate the number of poles and connectors and choose your covering to give you a final parts list. The type of netting you will need will depend on the type of structure you are making, the types of crops you are trying to protect and the pests you would like to keep out.

If you need advice, just contact us on 0117 9341 788