Mainframe structures are simple to build by following these easy steps

• Lay out horizontal poles on the ground, or measure carefully, in order to establish the positions of the upright poles. Remember to allow for the length of connectors.
• Mark upright poles to show the depth that they will be pushed into the ground. We recommend that for cages up to 3ft high you allow at least 6in and for 4ft and above allow 12-18in. When building a walk-in fruit cage, 8ft poles must be pushed 18in into the ground for maximum stability. Remember to allow for sloping ground if required.
• Insert connectors into the top of each upright before pushing the bottom firmly into the ground.
• Connectors should be tapped into place with a rubber mallet to give a firm fit. Do not twist.
• Poles should not be hammered into hard ground. If your soil is too hard for them to be pushed in by hand, a strong dibber should be used to make a hole which can then be backfilled and firmed up around the upright.
• Always support the free end of horizontals whilst fixing the other end.
• Do not build complete roof sections and attempt to lift them onto uprights.

• Complete the frame before fitting the door.
• To achieve a good result, the door should be built on its side on a level surface.
• Place the side of the hinge/catch with a ribbed back on the fruit cage and the unribbed side on the door.
• Fix the hinge side of the door to a vertical pole and fit the third hinge as a catch opposite. Then decide exactly where the door jamb should be placed.
• A small section of the frame headrail needs to be cut out to accept the T connector which connects the additional vertical pole.
• Put a T Piece into the top of the door jamb and then push the pole into the ground to match the existing framework, ensuring it is exactly parallel to the side of the door.
• Cut about an inch out of the horizontal pole above to admit the T Piece.
• The door can be placed on any side.

Top Tips
• When erecting walk-in cages, it is easiest to install the door before wrapping the whole cage in the wall netting. The hole for the door can then be cut out and any flaps of net tidied up with net clips.
• Side netting on walk-in cages should be put on in one long run around the circumference of the cage. Do not cut the netting into panels. Roof netting can be easily installed by laying the whole run of netting along the centre of the cage and then unfolding it to the edges. Any loose roof netting should be tidied up by cutting away any excess or clipping it to the frame. Do not leave excess roof netting hanging over the cage as it can catch the wind and may lead to damage to frames.

Tips for Garden Frames from Mainframe Direct

• When putting netting onto your vegetable cage, think of it like wrapping a present.  After constructing the frame, lay the net over it and imagine you now need to turn a rectangle into a cross. Once you've cut out the corners, remembering to allow some net to clip over the poles, fold in the edges, clip, and you're done!

Tips illustration from Mainframe Direct

• If you need to dismantle your frame, tap the joints apart with a rubber mallet rather than twisting them. This prolongs the life of your connectors. If any connectors do become loose, you may need to replace them with the spares provided.
• If you're putting up your frame in cold weather, keep your connectors in a pocket until they're needed. Whilst our connectors are designed to withstand all but the harshest of conditions, cold plastic still doesn't like being tapped with a mallet!
Instructions and parts lists.

To see specific instructions and parts lists for the frames available, simply click on the links below.

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        12ft x 30ft      
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