Be inspired and get creative with the Mainframe system

Mainframe is a simple modular system based on aluminium tubes and connectors. The possibilities on what you can create are only limited by your imagination.

Mainframe products have been used for years to create fruit cages, pond covers and pet runs, but some customers go beyond this and have used the system to create a range of practical gardening and grow-your-own accessories.

The Mainframe system is extremely adaptive and allows you to alter the uses of your accessories throughout the gardening year - a cloche frame in early spring can then become a runner bean support in the summer and then a coldframe in the winter. It's been referred to as 'Meccano for Gardeners' - just let your imagination run wild! It’s amazing what can be created with a few aluminium tubes, connector joints and a roll of netting, fleece or wire.

Below are some examples of what our customers have created with Mainframe.
If you’ve been inspired, we would love to see what you’ve done. Please get in touch and share your stories.


Strawberry cage with hinged doors from Mainframe Direct

A strawberry cage with specially adpated hinged doors for easy access

   Broad bean Support Frame from Mainframe Direct

   Broad bean support frame

Rectangular Garden Cloche from Mainframe Direct

Rectangular cloche frame with polythene cover

    Small pitched Cold Frame from Mainframe Direct

   Small pitched cold frame


 Triangular Garden Cloche with fleece from Mainframe Direct

Triangular cloche with fleece

    Triangular Garden Cloche from Mainframe Direct

   Triangular cloche with butterfly-proof netting

 Chicken Coop from Mainframe Direct

Chicken coop

    Rabbit-proof fence from Mainframe Direct

   Rabbit-proof fence / pet run

 Deer fence from Mainframe Direct

Deer fence

    Greenhouse tomato support from Mainframe Direct

   Greenhouse tomato support

 Wall support from Mainframe Direct

Plant wall support

    Wind Break from Mainframe Direct

   Wind break using shelter net

 Tree Guard from Mainframe Direct

Tree guard

    Fruit Branch Support from Mainframe Direct

   Fruit branch support